3 Reason Why You Should Get Monthly Facials

May 2, 2022 | Facials, Skin Care, Skincare Products


We can all benefit from a little pampering and “me time” now and then. But did you know that it’s okay to give your face some extra pampering, too, by getting a facial each month? It is perfectly safe to have one every three to four weeks. And here are three reasons why you should get a monthly facial.

Reason #1 – Better than Over-the-Counter Products

With approximately 300 days of sunlight (if not more), virtually no humidity for most of the year, and varying degrees of exposure to smog, your skin is exposed to some really harsh conditions throughout the year. We use medical grade products that do more to cleanse, hydrate and promote healing of damaged skin.

Reason #2 – Each Treatment is Customized for Your Specific Needs

Before each facial, you can request a customized treatment to address any specific skin care concerns or issues that you may have. Your aesthetician can then determine what type of facial should be used. They can also recommend products to use as a follow up to help keep your skin in its best condition.

Reason #3 – Professional Strength Exfoliation

The professional strength exfoliation products we use provide a better result than over-the-counter products can. You will see more visible results with our exfoliation facials than you will with an at-home product.

Skin is always in at The Skin Club of North Scottsdale. Give your face and yourself the pampering you deserve with a monthly one-hour facial. Book your appointment online with one of our medspa experts..