Genesis Laser Toning

One of the definitions of “genesis” is a new beginning, and the Laser Genesis treatment provides exactly that – for your face. Treatment can address a number of surface-level and deeper skin issues – gently, and without surgery. The Skin Clinic medspa is pleased to provide Scottsdale visitors and residents with the Genesis laser procedure as part of its full menu of laser treatments.

What skin conditions can be improved with Laser Genesis treatment?

Laser Genesis is FDA-approved for all skin types to reduce facial wrinkles, including crow’s feet, smile lines, and wrinkles around the lips. It can also treat:

  • Acne scars
  • Enlarged pores
  • Facial sagging 
  • Stretch marks
  • Ruddy, excessively reddish skin

How does the treatment work?

Laser Genesis skin rejuvenation employs laser light targeted to the dermis, the deeper layer of skin where collagen is made. A laser heats and stimulates the dermis, causing new collagen production, continuing over time. The result is a more even skin tone, tighter pores, and a smoother skin texture.

The Laser Genesis treatment can also target tiny vessels beneath the skin surface, reducing the intensity of ruddy complexions.

Will the Laser Genesis treatment cause discomfort?

No. Most patients report a warm sensation around the treated area; some even describe the process as relaxing..

How long until I can see results?

Because the treatment stimulates natural collagen production, it can take several treatments to see a difference; but because improvements can continue for several months, the impact of a Laser Genesis treatment series can be transformative.



Concerns Addressed: Skin issues including acne scars, enlarged pores, fine wrinkles of the face, excessively ruddy complexions. 

Ideal Treatment For: Those looking for dramatic changes in their skin’s appearance over time.

How To Prepare For Treatment: An exam with one of our medspa professionals. 

Treatment Length: 30 to 45 minutes per session.

Recovery Time: Minimal. Most patients return to normal activities immediately.

Results Seen: Dramatic results can be seen in the weeks and months after an initial series of Laser Genesis treatments. 

Retreatments Necessary: At least three to six treatments are recommended to achieve your treatment goals, and an annual retreatment is recommended to sustain results.


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