The Skin Clinic offers a select menu of facial rejuvenation options for medspa patients who want to experience the elements of healthy, youthful skin – firm facial muscles, smooth facial skin, and full cheeks. Our newest offering, triLift by Lumenis, takes advantage of a trio of treatments to create powerful skin improvements, providing a non-surgical facelift.

What are the advantages of triLift as a non-surgical facelift treatment?

Patients appreciate being able to enhance their natural facial strengths without the downtime of surgery or special preparation for their treatments. The triLift system targets all three key indicators of facial vitality: texture, structure, and contour.

How does the triLift system work?

The triLift system has three elements: 1) The skin’s dermal layer is heated with TriPollar RF to regenerate collagen and elastin. 2) The muscles of the face are strengthened by Dynamic Muscle Stimulation (DMSt). 3) Finally, the facial complexion is smoothed and tightened through the application of triFX RF microneedling skin resurfacing.

What is Dynamic Muscle Stimulation?

DMSt uses electrical currents to tone facial muscles. It’s a bit like giving the muscles around your mouth – the ones you use to smile – a workout! When the DMSt system makes your facial muscles expand and contract (exercise!), they become stronger and your facial expressions are enhanced.

How do the three elements of the triLift system work together?

Each element of the system is intended to positively impact an element of healthy skin that can change as we age. According to Lumenis, the triLift system has been found to produce an average of 80 percent improvement in skin smoothing, 30 percent improvement in wrinkle reduction, and the production of three times as much hyaluronic acid (which contributes to smooth, supple skin).


Concerns Addressed: Sagging facial muscle tone, facial wrinkles, loss of volume in the face (particularly the cheeks).

Ideal Treatment For: Patients seeking an effective non-surgical facelift option.

How To Prepare For Treatment: Scheduling an exam with one of our medspa professionals.

Treatment Length: The muscle activation provided by triLift’s Dynamic Muscle Stimulation (DMSt) process only takes 20-30 minutes per treatment to provide amazing results.

Recovery Time: Little or no downtime. Patients can resume their busy schedules within minutes of a triLift treatment.

Results Seen: Although a typical triLift regimen consists of four to six treatments, you will see results after the very first treatment!

Retreatments Necessary: Your medspa professional can discuss the appropriate triLift retreatment interval for your skin concerns.

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