Laser Vein Removal

No one wants skin like a roadmap. As we age, sun exposure and hormone changes can produce “spider veins,” tiny, curvy, blue or red lines found mainly on the legs or face.

How does laser vein removal work?

During a vein removal treatment, a laser light is directed at the vein. The heat generated by the laser causes the vein to shrink and gradually be reabsorbed by the body. Small veins will often disappear immediately, while larger spider veins may appear darker after treatment but fade in the next two to three weeks. Some veins may require two or three treatments, spaced about four weeks apart, to disappear completely. 

If you’re struggling with spider veins, The Skin Clinic, located in Scottsdale, can help. Our medspa offers laser vein removal, a process that is incision- and needle-free. Vein removal treatments with a laser require minimal preparation, cause little downtime, and can permanently improve your skin’s appearance.

Do I need any special preparation for a laser vein removal?

Patients are advised to avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications, or herbal supplements for two weeks before a treatment to reduce the risk of bleeding. It is also important to stop tanning, sunbathing, or waxing in the two weeks before the procedure.

How much downtime should I plan on after vein removal treatment?

You can go back to regular activities almost immediately after the procedure, with a few caveats:

  • You’ll want to treat any discomfort after the treatment with cold packs or moist cloths.
  • Your medspa professional may direct you to wear compression stockings for a few days after the treatment. 
  • After the first 24 hours, you will want to apply a good moisturizer to the treated area.



Concerns Addressed: Spider veins in the legs or face.

Ideal Treatment For: Healthy, nonsmoking adults with no tattoos in the targeted treatment area.

How To Prepare For Treatment: Avoid tanning/sunbathing or taking anti-inflammatory medications or herbal supplements for two weeks before treatment. 

Treatment Length: About 30 minutes.

Recovery Time: Minimal. 

Results Seen: Small veins may disappear immediately after treatment; larger veins can take several weeks to fade. 

Retreatments Necessary: Some larger veins take up to three treatments to be completely eliminated. 




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