3 Reasons Why You Should Try Dermalinfusion This Year

Jan 22, 2020 | Skin Care


Are you ready to take on the New Year by putting your best face forward? Dermalinfusion can help your skin have the best year ever. It is a patented treatment that resurfaces your skin by simultaneously exfoliating, extracting, and infusing condition-specific serums. It is an excellent way to give your pores a more intensive cleaning that you might not experience with an average facial. It is common to see an improvement in your skin’s appearance immediately after one session.

Here are three reasons why you should give it a try this year!

1. It Helps with Hyperpigmentation

Because it gently removes the outermost layer of skin cells, it is an effective treatment for reducing hyperpigmentation, thus reducing the appearance and damage of scars and acne. Dermalinfusion can also smooth out extremely rough skin and correct uneven textured skin.

2. It Is Great for Treating Everyday Skin Problems

Common skin problems like dry skin, reoccurring blackheads, and clogged pores can be treated effectively through this type of skin therapy. The infused serums are chosen for your specific skin problem(s).

3. It Stimulates the Growth of New Skin Cells

Dermalinfusion is a more intensive skin treatment for cleaning away dirt, debris, and dead skin cells. This deep-cleaning helps encourage the growth of skin cells immediately, thus improving the overall health of your skin.

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