3 Treatments for Facial Rejuvenation

Apr 15, 2015 | Blog

Facial RejuvenationWe’re lucky to live during a time when our skin doesn’t have to give away our age – or worse, make us look older than we are. A variety of very effective treatments are available to help reverse changes to your skin that occur due to aging or sun damage. Our medical staff will help you choose the right treatments to help you look your best.
Depending on your individual needs, one or more of these top three treatments for facial rejuvenation may be recommended:

Fillers to help treat volume loss and deep lines

Non-invasive injectable fillers such as Juvederm Ultra Plus or Voluma are highly effective in treating wrinkles and folds, leaving you with a smooth yet natural look. These fillers will add volume and hydration to your skin, making you look refreshed and rejuvenated. You’ll be able to receive a treatment during your lunch hour and enjoy immediate results with minimal recovery or downtime.

Collagen stimulation treatment

Collagen helps support your skin and gives it elasticity, but we have less of it as we age. Collagen stimulation treatments like Endymed/Intensif use radio frequency technology to deliver energy to the deepest layers of your skin, improving its texture and appearance. This treatment is very effective in treating most signs of aging, as well as acne scars. We’ll be able to precisely control the areas treated and energy used so you’ll get results exactly where you need them.

Chemical peels

Our medical-grade chemical peels help lighten scars, fine lines, and freckles. The peels we use reach light to moderate depths and result in minimal or no discomfort and downtime. They remove the top layers of skin, leaving you with a natural glow as dead skin flakes away. You’ll have a fresh, new appearance as your skin sheds old cells and produces healthy new ones.
To find out more about our facial rejuvenation treatments, contact us at North Scottsdale Laser & Skin Care Clinic for a free consultation. We’ll help you select the right treatments to make your skin look as young as you feel!