3 Treatments Your Mom Will Love

May 2, 2024 | Alle



Mother’s Day is coming, and we have the perfect gifts for mom: $50 off $150 Alle gift cards! For one day only, you can buy a $150 Alle gift card for only $100, and give your mother the gift of beauty. What could be better than that?

Alle gift cards are part of the Allergan Aesthetics rewards program, the company behind SkinMedica. So, your mother could choose to use her gift card on any SkinMedica product we carry or any Allergan treatment.

Great Gifts For Mom: Allergan Treatments!

1 – Botox Injections

Botox injections, from Allergan and SkinMedica, are one of the miracle beauty treatments of our time. Quick and painless injections loosen the muscles around wrinkles, lessening their depth and smoothing out the skin. It’s the only beauty treatment that’s fully tested and FDA-approved to erase wrinkles, crow’s feet, and laugh lines. You see results in just a day or two, and they can last up to four months!

Just a single treatment could take years off your mother’s face, and you know she’ll be thrilled at the results.

2 – DiamondGlow Facials

DiamondGlow is Allergan’s premiere medical-grade facial resurfacing treatment. The secret is its unique three-in-one action! A single DiamondGlow treatment will:

  • Exfoliate, removing dead skin while leaving soft new skin behind
  • Remove impurities on and in the skin, such as built-up oils
  • Heal the skin with special serums designed to provide deep healing beneath the surface

A DiamondGlow treatment is entirely painless. It’s a relaxing 30-minute trip to youthful, glowing skin that your mother would love.

3 – Juvederm Fillers

Does your mother ever complain about her face becoming thinner or more pinched with age? A treatment of Juvederm Fillers might be the perfect gift! Allergan’s proprietary filler blend is easy for beauty technicians to work with, allowing them to subtly rebuild and reshape the face to remove the ‘pinching’ that comes with old age.

Juvederm has a full line of fillers, treating the lips, mouth, nose, cheeks, or jawline. No matter where her face is losing definition, an easy Juvederm treatment can restore the look. Better yet, Juvederm treatments can last up to 18 months! It’s truly a

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