4 Changes That Happen to Skin as We Age

Jun 21, 2019 | Skin Care

As we age our skin changes, and while we all age differently, there are specific changes to your skin that will occur with everyone over time. How quickly our skin shows signs of aging is related to our lifestyle and genetics. For example, if you didn’t protect your skin from the sun when you were younger, dark spots may be one of the first things you notice. Regardless of the rate at which your skin ages, here are four skin changes you can expect to happen as you get older.

  1. Your Face Loses its Fullness

One of the big things we tend to notice as we age is that our skin is not as firm and full as it once was. This comes from the thinning of the tissue under your skin. Because there is no longer tissue filling skin-changesout areas like the cheeks and neck, sometimes the skin will start to sag in those areas.

  1. Your Skin Gets Thinner

Technically your skin itself doesn’t get thinner, but the layers in your skin begin to flatten as you age, and these skin changes often result in skin that is more delicate than it used to be. Scrapes and cuts are more common, and the damage done by injuring our skin can be more noticeable. Similarly, bruises can be much more prominent, as we have less tissue protecting our veins.

  1. Wrinkles Start to Appear

Wrinkles in our skin do not come from one specific, but rather a combination of skin changes. As the layers of our skin flatten and become less elastic, and the fatty tissue under our skin starts to thin out, the skin often bags, puckers, and gathers at various areas on our face. The most notable areas where wrinkles usually start to appear is about the eyes and the mouth.

  1. Your Skin Dries Out

Our skin can get very dry as we age. The oil production in our skin slows down, and because our body’s natural oils are one of its key moisturizers, this leaves our skin in a bit of a drought. Dry skin is often more fragile too, so as our skin changes and becomes both drier and more fragile, we need to do everything we can to combat dryness.

From skincare to treatments and procedures, there are endless options for slowing the effects aging has on our skin, to keep us looking youthful longer. If you would like to talk about the best options for your skin, set up a complimentary consultation with one of our skincare experts. Call (480) 513-2888, or book an appointment online.