4 Conditions That Can be Treated by Acupuncture

Apr 7, 2014 | Blog, Skin Care

AcupunctureAcupuncture is a non-invasive and drug-free alternative to Western medicine, so it’s been drawing the attention of people looking for natural health remedies. By inserting fine needles into specific points of the body, the flow of energy is stimulated, which is known as “qi” or “chi”. This form of Chinese medicine promotes natural healing and balances out the deficiency or blockage of qi that induces sickness. There are a variety of health conditions that can be safely treated by acupuncture, and here’s a look at four of them:


Skin problems are typically associated in Chinese medicine with heat, dampness and buildup developed in the stomach, spleen and lungs. When blood gets overheated, the heat naturally rises, and acne is a result from the body’s attempt to remove the heat through the skin. To treat acne, the needles are inserted to move dormant or blocked energy to other parts of the body, and the damaged skin is cured from the inside out.


Allergy suffers know relief from blotchy skin, itchy eyes and sneezing is not always gained from conventional allergy medications. Stimulating the qi affects the immune system, which is where allergic reactions begin. Acupuncture achieves comfort and results without harmful side effects.

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue is one of the top reasons patients seek this alternative treatment. While the symptoms vary from patient to patient, extreme tiredness, panic attacks and irritability are typical signs associated with this problem. Once the biological clock in the patient is reset through acupuncture, fatigue symptoms diminish.

Neck Pain

People with desk jobs that sit in front of a computer often suffer from neck pain and shoulder tension. The tissues surrounding the neck suffer from a lack of circulation. Right below the hairline lies a significant acupuncture point, which is usually the starting point to effectively treat neck pain, headaches and insomnia.
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