Anti-Aging Benefits of Water

Aug 27, 2018 | Skin Care

Everyone is searching high and low for the holy grail of anti-aging medicine, but most people overlook one of the simplest keys to a youthful appearance: water.

anit-aging-waterHydrated Skin— Water intake is one of the most significant factors to anti-aging and skin appearance. The skin is about 30 percent water, so adequate skin hydration is absolutely necessary to achieve a glowing complexion. Regularly drinking water keeps the skin hydrated, and in turn, makes it look better and feel healthier.

Fewer Wrinkles— Water is not able to necessarily combat or completely eliminate wrinkles, but it will make your wrinkles look less apparent. Fully hydrated skin has a slightly more plump, fuller appearance, which makes wrinkles and lines look less severe and produces a more youthful aesthetic.

Toxin Flush — Water effectively flushes toxins out of the body to improve the appearance of your skin. Many people who increase their water intake report (and show!) a radiant glow. Others report that drinking water results in less acne.

Other health benefits— It probably sounds too good to be true, but water can actually help you lose weight! Researchers have found that drinking a glass of water before meals can significantly reduce calorie intake. Water is also a useful weapon against other age-related health conditions, including headaches, joint pain, and even heart disease. Humans are about 75 percent water, so it logically follows that drinking water is vital for health!

How much water should you drink— Drinking at least 8 glasses a day is recognized as ideal for skin care and for overall health. Ultimately, water will make you not only look younger, but feel much better, and that in itself is the true essence of youth.

Drink more water and say hello again to youth! To learn more about anti-aging treatments and skin-care tips, or to schedule a consultation with one of our skin care experts at North Scottsdale Laser & Skin Care Clinic, call (480) 513-2888, or book your appointment online.