The Best Non-Surgical Face-Lift: Trilift

Jun 26, 2024 | Non Surgical Facelift, triLift


For people looking into face lifts, but are concerned about the price or the prospect of surgery, there’s a great alternative: triLift!

triLift is the ultimate non-surgical face lift, capable of bringing amazing results without cutting and with no pain and no downtime. You simply lie back, and see the years fall off your face with each session. Cutting-edge technology combined with the artistry of The Skin Clinic of Scottsdale make it easier than ever to restore your youth!

What Is triLift?

From everyday people to celebrities, triLift has become the go-to solution for people seeking a non-invasive, non-surgical face lift. It targets the “glamour facial muscles,” the muscles in your cheeks, chin, and under-eye areas responsible for maintaining healthy facial definition, as well as the skin above those areas. By firming and toning these muscles, your entire face receives a lift – no surgery required!

How does triLift work? The secret is that it combines three techniques into one amazing package.

1 – TriPollar RF

The first stage of triLift utilizes targeted RF radio waves, providing heat which is directed at the dermal layers of your face. This stimulates your skin while increasing blood flow, encouraging it to naturally produce more collagen – the substance that creates smooth, supple skin. Elastin production is also stimulated, further helping to tighten up skin which may have begun to sag.

Taken together, it’s an amazing noninvasive option for tightening your skin. But that’s only the beginning of the triLift process.

2 – Dynamic Muscle Stimulation (DMSt)

Dynamic muscle stimulation is the process of sending electrical signals straight into the facial glamour muscles. These signals mimic the electrical impulses of your body’s nervous system, so the muscles react like they’re being triggered. This increases blood flow to the muscles, while the stimulation “exercises” those muscles to improve their response.

It’s a workout for your face, in just a few minutes, and it can have amazing results – with no pain, and minimal discomfort.

3 – triFX RF Microneedling

Finally, the third stage of triLift is RF microneedling. This uses tiny needles – so small you won’t feel them! – to create microscopic wounds in the face. This inspires your body’s healing processes to increase skin cell production, and repair the damage. This causes your body to repair fine lines, acne scars, and other signs of aging that accumulate over time.

RF waves add to the effect, while also improving results from the earlier TriPollar RF treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions About triLift

1 – Who is triLift for?

triLift is a great option for either men or women who are experiencing signs of aging and don’t want surgical facelifts. triLift works best on those who are just starting to show their age and want to roll back the clock.

2 – What does triLift target?

triLift is particularly effective for sagging skin, weak facial muscles, or a loss of facial definition around the cheeks. Currently, triLift is only used for non-surgical face lifts.

3 – How do I prepare for triLift?

There is no preparation to speak of, aside from consultations with the experts at The Skin Clinic. You can simply walk in for your appointment, sit down, and let triLift take years off of your face.

4 – How long is a triLift session?

Around an hour, give or take. It can easily fit into your morning or afternoon schedule, and you can be back to your life immediately afterward.

5 – Is there any pain or discomfort from triLift?

There’s no pain, and the discomfort is absolutely minimal. You could feel a bit of heat or a sort of prickling sensation at various points in the process. We’ve never received any complaints from our clients.

6 – How long does recovery take with triLift?

Minutes, if that. You can walk right out the door afterward, and even use makeup immediately after the procedure. You might have very mild redness or swelling for a day or so, but that’s it.

7 – How many sessions are typical for triLift?

Depending on your situation and beauty goals, 3-6 sessions are typically recommended. However, you’ll start seeing results even after your first session, so you’ll know it’s working!

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