Can I Use Expired Skin Care Products?

Oct 22, 2018 | Skin Care, Skin Care Products, Skin Care Tips

Most people assume that skin care products past their expiration date are still perfectly acceptable to use. While that may be the case with some products, there are real risks to using expired products on your skin.

The risks of using expired skin care products—While some products will simply be less effective after their expiration dates, others can be irritating or even dangerous. Some ingredients harbor bacteria after they are opened. Most products indicate how long after they are opened that they can be safety used on the package. You should absolutely follow these instructions in order to avoid filling your products with bacteria and consequently getting an infection.

skin-care-productsSome skin care products age differently than others—For most skin care products, the amount of time after being opened matters more than the expiration date. Acne creams have an average lifespan of around three months after being opened. Retinoid, Vitamin C, or other anti-aging creams are good for around six months. Sunscreen and moisturizers are safe for as long as a year. Sponges and makeup tools, however, should be replaced every three weeks.

How to tell if a beauty product has gone bad—The best sign that a product has gone bad is if the substance smells funny or if the color has changed. Other potential symptoms are a change in texture or white or green spots. These are probably mold.

The spot test—If you’re still unsure whether or not you should continue using a given product even after considering it carefully, try using the product on a small area of skin (such as right below your ear), and see how your skin reacts. In the event that your skin becomes noticeably irritated, you should definitely dispose of the product.

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