Define Your Jawline With the Newest Juverderm Product, Juvederm Volux XC

Apr 18, 2023 | Fillers, Juvederm


There are few better ways to make an unforgettable first impression than a striking outline. The shape of your face tells tales about who you are and the confidence you carry with you – and your jawline is a profound part of that statement. When you want to change the story, turn to the latest in Juvederm’s family of injectable fillers: Juvederm Volux XC.

With Juvederm’s newest product, you are in control of what your jawline says about you. Create definition and a shape uniquely yours with a filler crafted with naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. It’s cutting-edge medspa technology, brought to you by Juvederm and The Skin Clinic in North Scottsdale!

Cutting-Edge Facial Sculpting that Creates Real Change

The loss of jaw definition can happen naturally over the course of your life. Juvederm has created a treatment that can counteract a softening jawline. You can restore strength to your profile and look great from every angle with Juvederm Volux XC.

This treatment can improve moderate to severe loss of jawline definition. It creates a long-lasting change with Juvederm’s proprietary gel formulation. Like the other products brought to you by this trusted company, it includes hyaluronic acid to help restore vitality and youthful tone to your skin.

Quick, Convenient Treatments with Long-Lasting Results

See immediate results that improve over several weeks when you choose this new way to take control of your appearance. Your Volux XC treatments will fit conveniently into your busy schedule and require minimal recovery time. Spend just one hour, limit your sun exposure and avoid rubbing the treatment site for a day or two, and enjoy an enhanced look you’re sure to love!

These results can last for six months and up to a full 18 months! You can schedule your next appointment on the day of your treatment to maintain a consistent appearance.

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