Do I Need to Wear Sunscreen if I am Indoors?

May 6, 2020 | Skin Care


We all know the importance of wearing sunscreen when we are outdoors. However, now that many of us are spending a lot more time inside to prevent the spread of COVID-19, should we be wearing sunscreen indoors? You may be surprised to hear that yes; you should be wearing it.

Windows Cannot Filter Out All UV Rays

When you are outdoors, your skin is exposed to the sun’s long-ray UVA and short-ray UVB. Your windows can filter out most UVB rays, which are the ones that can cause sunburn. However, it is the UVA rays you need to worry about because they increase your risk for skin cancer and can cause premature aging of your skin.

If you are spending your days sitting next to a window while you are working from home, you are exposing yourself to UVA rays, which degrade collagen. Wearing sunscreen indoors can help reduce your risk for skin cancer and skin damage.

Blue Light is Now Also a Concern

While blue light is neither a UVA or UVA type of light, it has high energy and a short wavelength. It is found in natural sunlight, but it is also produced by devices like computer screens, tablets, and smartphones. If your screen time has increased while being inside, so is your exposure to blue light.

We already know that blue light can throw our circadian rhythms out of whack by suppressing melatonin secretion. It is also known that blue light can cause damage to our eyes. However, what is not readily known is what it can do to our skin. Some early studies have suggested that blue light can help create free radicals that can damage the skin and contribute to hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.

What You Can Do to Protect Your Skin

Whether you are outdoors or indoors, you should be protecting your skin with a broad spectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen that protects you from both UVA and UVB rays. If you wear makeup, there are products available that offer SPF 30 or higher to protect your face. However, do not forget other areas of your body that are exposed. You should use sunscreen indoors and reapply it every couple of hours, just as you would do if you were outside.

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