Five Ways to Unclog Your Pores

Dec 9, 2015 | Blog, Skin Care

Skin CareWhen it comes to skin care, pores can be quite difficult to take care of and keep closed and clean. However, the inevitable happens, dirt builds up and your pores eventually get clogged. Get the flawless skin you always wanted. Follow these skin care tips on how to unclog your pores.

Wash Your Face

Your face is exposed to various environmental elements, and since you inevitably touch your face throughout the day, your face is possibly the filthiest part of your body before you go to sleep. Combine these factors with makeup, and your face is an ideal environment for dirt, dust and oil to breed. Washing your face will help unclog your pores and avoid irritated skin.

Home Remedies

  • Baking Soda Paste: When all of the cleansers and toners aren’t doing the job, sometimes it is best to return to good, old-fashioned remedies. Baking soda, for example, exfoliates the skin and cleanses pores.
  • Steaming: Steaming opens up pores in a gentle way which in turn, removes all impurities. This method only requires boiling water, a bowl and a towel.

Face Masks

Face masks can do no wrong for the skin. In fact, they should be a weekly edition to your skin care routine in order to have healthy skin at all times. Certain face masks work simply by unclogging pores and closing them up after. The charcoal face mask pulls out toxins and picks up the majority of dirt that is deep inside the pores.

Keep your skin hydrated

It’s no secret hydration is key to healthy looking skin, and at night, your skin loses water when your body temperature rises. After you wash your face, apply a moisturizer within 10 minutes. During that time, your pores will take in the hydration and nutrients from the moisturizer. Try not to leave your cleanser on too long, or your skin will dry out even more.


Exfoliating is recommended for all skin types. Whether you have dry, normal, oily or sensitive skin, exfoliation can bring new life to your complexion. The purpose of exfoliating is to rid the skin’s surface of any dead skin cells, thus leaving the skin with a refreshed feeling and keeping pores from becoming clogged.
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