Food Allergy Testing

Feb 25, 2015 | Blog

Food AllergyIt’s no secret that people are always trying to eat better and live healthier. However, one thing you may have forgotten to consider is the effect that the food you eat has on your body. If you have ever felt uncomfortable after eating a meal or had a more extreme reaction such as a rash, it may be an allergic reaction to certain foods you have been consuming. Food allergy testing has become more prominent in recent years and can help you learn what foods you should eliminate from your diet.

What to Know

Did you know food allergies can cause a variety of bodily problems? Bloating, chronic headaches, acne, rashes, a lack of focus, and the inability to lose weight can all be caused by the food you’re putting into your body! Testing for food allergies can benefit you in several positive ways. After testing you will know what foods to steer clear of and build a plan from there. You should determine which new foods you can eat in place of those that are now eliminated. Six of the most common foods that cause reactions are: eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, shellfish, and wheat—it is important to pay close attention to how you feel when eating these items.

The Benefits

Many people who suffer from food allergies are unaware of the problem. At North Scottsdale Laser & Skin Care, we want to improve your quality of life so that you can feel your best. This innovative test can improve how you feel on the inside, which will make you feel great on the outside! Even if you have never considered the possibility of having a food allergy, it may be beneficial to learn more about where your body’s sensitivities stem from.
Feel your best at all times by using food allergy testing as your guide! Call today for more information or to schedule your test: (480) 513.2888.