Get a Mini Facelift with NovaThreads

Nov 21, 2018 | Mini Facelift, NovaThreads

Growing older is inevitable. Achy joints, gray hair, wrinkles, and saggy skin are all common place when aging. Over time, mini-faceliftscience has created clever ways to mask, combat, and even reverse the effects of aging. To fight droopy skin, NovaThreads may be one of your greatest weapons. NovaThreads has immediate and lasting effects on the skin, lifting and plumping its appearance. Read on to learn how NovaThreads is the miracle mini facelift.

How Does NovaThreads Work?

Facelifts often, unpleasantly, require surgery. Luckily, inserting NovaThreads is a non-surgical procedure. NovaThreads are simply sutures injected under the skin. The sutures consist of polydioxanone, or PDO, a natural and absorbable material used for many medical procedures. Immediately, NovaThreads plump and tighten the skin—thus, a mini facelift! Within four to six months, the sutures dissolve into the skin and serve as a base for new collagen production.

What Are The Benefits?

With time, gravity takes hold over our skin, causing it to sag and lose elasticity. NovaThreads aims to lift, contour, add volume, and increase collagen production. It acts as a framework for your skin to rebuild itself. The goal is to guide the skin to naturally take on a more youthful appearance by injecting the sutures underneath the surface.

NovaThreads offer two versions of their product, Nova-Mesh and Nova-Lift. Nova-Mesh creates a subtle platform that allows your skin to rejuvenate over time, whereas Nova-Lift is more dramatic, acting like barbwire under the skin, producing an immediate and noticeable lift.

Are There Any Risks?

Patients who use NovaThreads experience few side effects. Because it is a non-surgical procedure, clients are able to immediately return to their normal routine. Most users experience minor discomfort during the procedure and numbness from local anesthesia. Some swelling afterwards is to be expected. But, choosing NovaThreads causes less disruption to daily life than typical facelifts.

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