Get Glowing Skin by Summer with DiamondGlow Facials

Mar 14, 2023 | Uncategorized

diamondglow-facialAfter winter, all you want to do is glow!  Achieving flawlessly radiant skin is well within reach – start with a DiamondGlow facial that’s customized to your skin’s unique needs. You’ll be amazed at the difference 30 minutes can make!

Choose Skincare That’s Tailored to Your Needs with DiamondGlow

You’ll find plenty of one-formula-treats-all facials on the market, but only one that’s personalized to ensure your skin receives precisely what it needs. Whether your skin is dry, oily, sun-damaged, or displays signs of hyperpigmentation, our DiamondGlow medical-grade facial has what your skin needs to look its best. The three-in-one science allows our medspa professionals to treat you with the formulation you need to achieve your desired outcome.

This skin-resurfacing facial refines your face in three ways. First, it exfoliates the skin using one of six diamond tips that your skincare professional will choose to deliver the particular level of microdermabrasion that’s best for your skin. Second, it removes impurities, leaving your face a tabula rasa for treatment. Finally, it delivers healing serums selected to address the complexion concerns you want to mitigate.

A Customized Facial that Goes Beyond Your Face

Although the DiamondGlow facial is intended for use on your face, neck, and décolletage, it can also go beyond to target skin imperfections on other parts of your body. If you have stretch marks or areas of hyperpigmentation, a DiamondGlow customized facial can help you mitigate those frustrations. Ask your medspa professional if this application is right for you!

No matter where you receive your DiamondGlow treatment, you’ll see a healthy glow after the very first treatment. Even greater results will surface after you have completed the recommended course of four to six treatments.

Find Your Glow at The Skin Clinic of North Scottsdale

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