How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

Feb 3, 2014 | Blog, Skin Care

Imperfect skin causes distractions both physically and emotionally, especially if they are a result from acne. It’s inspiring to know advances in skin care technology makes it possible for acne scar removal, allowing you to regain confidence in yourself and your skin’s beauty and appearance. Take a look at these three skin care treatments that can address scars long after your acne has disappeared:
Chemical Peels
One of the fastest and most popular methods to administer acne scar removal is the chemical peel. Not only does it help with the scarring, but it also prevents new pimples from emerging. By penetrating deep layers of skin tissue and hair follicles using a chemical solution, this treatment removes dead skin cells, and a new layer appears with improved tone and smooth texture. After the chemical peel procedure, it’s essential that you stay away from exposure to the sun. Your fresh skin will be greatly sensitive and easily prone to injury.
Laser Skin ResurfacingIf you’re not a fan of chemicals, a laser skin resurfacing treatment using Active FX might be the right direction for you. The results are comparable to a chemical peel, and you will notice an improvement towards acne scar removal. Several years of damage and signs of aging are erased after your first treatment alone. It’s amazing how carefully controlled, high energy laser beams can enhance the presentation of your skin.
Laser Toning
Laser toning is performed by our skin care experts to address the effects of aging and acne scars through a revolutionary process. It differs from chemical peels and lasers, because this treatment does not resurface your skin. Laser toning is non-ablative (will not remove any layers of skin) and basically tightens the skin, diminishes acne depressions and improves the appearance of sun-damaged or aging skin.
As with most skin care enhancement procedures, expect full results from any of these three treatments to occur after multiple sessions over the course of several months.
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