Get Rid of Spider Veins

Oct 11, 2017 | Laser Vein Removal, Lumenis M22, Skin Care

Spider veins are a group of dilated veins that are close to the surface and are visible beneath the skin. These veins, which are also known as varicose veins, can develop anywhere but are most often found in the legs and on the face. Although these veins may be a nuisance, they are easy to remove with laser vein removal at North Scottsdale Laser & Skin Care Clinic!

Laser Vein Removal with the M22

Causes of spider veins—Typically, spider veins are caused by genetics and aging, but they can also stem from a few lifestyle choices, such as smoking.laser-vein-removal
When to consider laser vein removal—If you are uncomfortable showing your legs or face because of your spider veins, you may want to consider laser vein removal. Most of our patients are good candidates for the treatment, as the only requirements are that you must be in good physical health and have reasonable expectations about the procedure.
What treatment entails—At North Scottsdale Laser & Skin Care Clinic, we can treat small, medium, and large spider and varicose veins. With our newest technology, the M22, we can customize your treatment so that you can get the best results possible. Although you will start to see results after your first treatment, you may have to repeat a few treatments to get the full effect.
What to expect after treatment—Recovery is very short, and you will be able to walk immediately after laser vein removal. Most of our patients have a fairly simple treatment, and they can go about their daily routines as soon as their appointment is over. In extreme cases, you may have to wear compression stockings in order to help speed up the healing process.
Feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin is important! To learn more about laser vein removal, or to schedule a free consultation with one of our skin care experts at North Scottsdale Laser & Sin Care Clinic, call (480) 513-2888, or book your appointment online.