Get Rid of Those Pesky Spider Veins with Laser Vein Removal

Apr 15, 2019 | Laser Vein Removal, Spider Vein Removal

While spider veins are not at all uncommon, they can most certainly affect our self-image and influence what we feel comfortable wearing. They can make us feel even more uncomfortable when they appear on our face. Spider veins are caused when the valve that ensures blood flows one direction through our veins starts to weaken. This can cause blood to flow backwards in that vein, and essentially collect in one spot, making the vein twist and cause red, spider-like appearance. There are many reasons why we might get spider veins, but more importantly, how do we get rid of them?


Laser vein removal is a great option for tackling spider veins. The laser works in removing the vein by targeting it with heat, which causes the vein to close off all together. The body does the rest of the work by getting rid of whatever might be left over from the faulty vein and the spider vein eventually disappears.

Using a laser for spider vein removal is ideal, especially since the other common treatment for spider vein removal, Sclerotherapy, really only works well on larger varicose veins, since it is an injection. Sclerotherapy doesn’t work very well at all on the face, while a laser achieves much better results for facial spider vein removal.

Spider vein removal by laser varies when it comes to how many treatments the veins need to disappear. Usually two to four treatments, spaced out by a month will effectively remove spider veins permanently.

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