Best Treatment to Get Rid of Turkey Neck

Sep 10, 2023 | CoolSculpting Elite, PRX-T33, SkinMedica

Best Treatment to Get Rid of Turkey Neck

Sagging, loose skin and stubborn fat deposits can ruin the smooth column of your neck and leave you feeling frustrated about your appearance.

Get rid of the lax look of the turkey neck with one or more of these treatments! It’s the ideal time to begin a personal transformation that will help you look your best for the holidays.

  • CoolSculpting Elite for Your Chin Helps Define Your Face and Neck. CoolSculpting Elite is a cutting-edge, fat-freezing technology that doesn’t require surgery to banish trouble spots of fat. It’s a fast, easy way to rid yourself of fat pockets you might not remove so easily with other methods.
  • Genesis Laser Toning Can Tighten Lax Neck Skin. Harness the power of the laser to tighten and tone the skin on your neck! Let the warmth of this treatment relax you as it stimulates the production of collagen, tightens pores and loose skin, and improves your skin’s texture.
  • PRX T33 Offers Tighter, More Even Skin. If you’re looking for a fast touch-up to the snugness of the skin on your neck, the PRX T33 chemical peel is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a wonderful and convenient way to tame the turkey neck!
  • SkinMedica Neck Correct Cream Provides You With an At-Home Maintenance Regime for Tighter Neck Skin. If you’re hoping to take everyday maintenance steps towards tighter neck skin, reach for SkinMedica Neck Correct Cream. Its unique formula was designed to both address existing signs of neck aging and prevent further laxity.

Leave the Turkey On the Platter This Thanksgiving with a Visit to The Skin Clinic in North Scottsdale!

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