Give The Gift of Skin Care

Dec 14, 2015 | Blog, Skin Care

Skin CareChristmas just around the corner and for some, this can induce stress and pressure to find the perfect gift for the people you care about. If you are completely unsure of what to gift-shop, fret not—North Scottsdale Laser & Skin Care Clinic has you covered. Keep reading to find out what we can help you with this Christmas!


If you are looking to give the gift of anti-aging, Botox is the most common and popular treatment for wrinkles and lines. Botox works by blocking the signals being received from the nerves to the muscles of your face. Injecting the Botox causes the muscle to not be able to contract any longer, relaxing the wrinkles, softening them. However, Botox only works on lines developed by aging, not sun damage. At North Scottsdale Laser and Skin Care Clinic, we offer Botox at a price of $8.89/unit!


Juvederm is the next best thing if you are trying to give the gift of younger, tighter skin complexion. Juvederm is a type of dermal filler, plumping lines on the face, making them appear much softer. As Juvederm is injected, the skin is reconditioned and filled, therefore resulting in greater elasticity. Not much has to be done after in regards to your skin care, as the skin is visibly rejuvenated after every treatment. For $349/syringe, we can provide you with Juvederm, as it’ll make a great holiday gift!

Laser Hair Removal

The innovative idea of laser hair removal is desired by many women and it would make a stellar gift for Christmas. Laser hair removal removes unwanted hair in a matter of about five treatments. The need for shaving or waxing simply diminishes after the treatments, and you receive wonderful results. The special on Laser Hair Removal at the moment is the “Buy 1 Full Area, Get 1 FREE” which is perfect, as Christmas is almost here.
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