Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Jun 18, 2019 | CBD Oil, Skin Care

CBD oil is a hot topic when it comes to health and wellness conversations recently and for good reason. Many people are unsure about what CBD oil is and how it relates to marijuana. Just to clear the air: CBD oil is not the same as marijuana. CBD oil comes from a plant called hemp and has little to no THC (the psychoactive part of marijuana). This means you won’t get high from using CBD oil, but it does offer a whole host of benefits. Unlike marijuana, CBD oil is legal in all fifty states.


CBD for Anxiety and Stress

Stress can take a huge toll on our health. When we’re stressed our bodies are compromised, we often don’t sleep well, our appetites may change, and sometimes our immune systems are weakened. CBD oil contains cannabidiol, which can work with our bodies to regulate our management of stress. In addition, CBD oil can help calm and balance anxiety, which many people struggle with.

CBD for Inflammation

Many of the issues that individuals struggle with health-wise, can often be traced back to inflammation, or cause inflammation in the body. The cannabidiol in CBD oil can reduce and calm inflammation in the body, and for many, this can aid in several ways. People who work out often and deal with inflammation and soreness and even people with arthritis have noticed a reduction in pain when using CBD oil.

CBD for Other Health Issues

CBD oil has been used to treat seizures. In fact, there is a prescription seizure medication that contains cannabidiols and has been used to help epilepsy patients. While CBD oil is no cure-all or magic pill, adding it to your life could benefit your health. It is always advised to talk to your doctor about taking CBD oil and ensure that it is the best choice for you.

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