How to Care for Your Skin While Traveling

Jun 27, 2018 | Skin Care, Skin Care Tips

Traveling can make it hard to follow through with your normal skin care routines and your skin may suffer as a result. Try these simple skin care tips to keep your skin looking fantastic throughout and after all of your travels.


MoisturizeMany dermatologists recommend generous application of moisturizing cream the night before you start traveling. This will help your skin stay adequately hydrated and moisturized despite any adverse weather conditions, such as strong wind or sunlight. Reapply moisturizer regularly while traveling.

Eat healthy and hydrate wellIt can be easy to skip drinking much water while on the road, but hydrating properly makes a huge difference on the condition and appearance of your skin. Maintaining a fairly healthy, balanced diet should also be part of your traveling skin care routine.

Keep your hands off your faceAll public spaces are home to an enormous number of bacteria. Touching your face only brings the germs to your skin. Keep your hands away from your face and use a blotter tissue if necessary.

Apply sunscreenYou should always wear sunscreen, and it’s definitely essential when traveling. Whether or not the place you are going is sunny, save yourself from sun damage by regularly applying sun protection.

Cleanse regularlyWhen traveling, your skin is bound to attract particles of dirt and dust that will likely lead to breakouts. Regularly wash your face with a mild cleanser to wash out all of the particles and keep your skin clear.

Apply IceIt can be easy to develop circles under your eyes when traveling a lot. Put an ice pack on your skin in the evening after a long day of traveling to soothe your eyes and relieve them from stress.

Taking care of your skin while traveling will pay off! To learn more about our skin care products, or to schedule an appointment with an expert at North Scottsdale Laser & Skin Care Clinic, call (480) 513-2888, or book your appointment online.