How to Layer Skin-Care Products in the Right Order

May 28, 2021 | Skin Care

After investing time and money on your skin-care routine, you want to experience all its expected benefits. However, if you are not applying your products in the right order, you may not be experiencing the full effects ofskin-care-products your products. Here are seven tips for layering your skin-care products in the right order to improve their effectiveness.

1. Start with Lightest Products First

After cleansing your skin, the first products you should apply are your lightest, which are typically any serums you may be using. Your serums will work more efficiently in delivering their active ingredients to your skin when they are applied directly, versus on top of another product.

2. Apply Your Antioxidant

All skin types benefit from an antioxidant layer. For example, Vitamin C helps protect your skin from sun damage, brightens your complexion, and helps stimulate collagen production. However, if you will be using a moisturizer or toner with an alpha hydroxy acid, its effectiveness will be diminished. Speak to your aesthetician to determine which antioxidant best fits your skin-care routine.

3. Get Toned Up

Toners help remove dead skin cells. This helps your moisturizer penetrate your skin better. It is a good idea to give your toner a minute or so before applying your moisturizer.

4. Moisturize, Moisturize

Using a moisturizer is a vital step when layering your products. Yes, it helps keep your skin soft. But it also helps seal the serums on your skin and make them work better.

5. Oil When Needed

If you treat dry areas with oils, put them on after your moisturizer. Oils can penetrate moisturizers, but moisturizers cannot penetrate oils. However, if you use more than two serums under your moisturizer, skip the oil because your skin could look greasy.

6. Seal the Deal with Sunscreen

The last layer in your product order should always be your sunscreen. It should never be put on first or in between other products because it will prevent your other products from penetrating your skin.

7. Save it for the Nighttime

If a Retinol product is part of your skin-care routine, it should be used at nighttime because it breaks down in the sunlight. Ask your aesthetician what products in your skin-care regimen should not be paired with it. When using Retinol, cleanse your skin, apply the Retinol, and then apply your moisturizer.

If you have questions regarding the product order for your skin-care routine, do not hesitate to ask our experienced team of aestheticians. And if you do not have a personalized routine yet, take the time to book a consultation at North Scottsdale Laser & Skin Care Clinic by calling (480) 448-0918.