How to Remove Sun Spots

Mar 10, 2014 | Blog, Skin Care

Sun SpotsAs a young woman, sun spot removal probably wasn’t a common topic of conversation, but as time has passed, more than likely you’ve spoken about it with your doctor or at the very least, have thought about bringing it up. Even if you wear sunscreen religiously now, in your younger and more carefree years, you have more than likely basked in the powerful sun without a worry in the world. But it eventually catches up to you–in the form of sun damaged skin and sun spots! If you need help eradicating hyperpigmentation or sun spots, here are our recommendations:

The Fotofacial Treatment

Using intense pulse light technology aimed atop the skin, fotofacials revive damaged skin, generating an impressively high improvement in skin pigmentation and client satisfaction rate. Older looking skin can be the result from chronic sun damage, but irregular brown and red spot discolorations can be reduced with this skin treatment. If you’re aim is for a more bright and even skin tone, this a fotofacial treatment may be an effective solution for you.


A well-known brand in skin clinics and spas across the country, SkinMedica, has introduced a skin brightening product called Lytera to the skin treatment community. What’s great about it is that the ingredients used (niacinimde, retinol, extracts and vitamins) aren’t harsh and should not cause irritation. This skin brightener is a great treatment for sun spot removal and can easily be inserted into your daily skin care regimen.

Good Sunblock

Once again, we’re bringing up the importance of sunscreen in fighting the effects of aging in Arizona. Making the effort towards sun spot removal is useless, if you don’t continue to use a high SPF sunscreen for broader coverage and preventative measures. Otherwise, your sun spots will reappear, and you won’t have that younger looking skin you have worked so hard to get treated.
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