Is Botox Safe?

Jun 17, 2015 | Blog, Skin Care

Botox is a safe, effective procedure for treating wrinkles and facial creases. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration since 2002, it’s become the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure in the U.S. Over 6.3 million Botox injections were performed in 2013 alone.
A history of safety
A 2014 study shows that Botox, along with some other cosmetic procedures, are even safer than previously believed when performed under the direction of a physician. Minor side effects such as bruising, lumpiness, or discoloration occurred in less than 1 percent of cases. The side effects tended to be temporary and went away by themselves.
The ideal professional environment
At North Scottsdale Laser and Skin Care Clinic, we provide the ideal environment for the highest level of safety. You won’t have to worry about the training and qualifications of the person who is administering your procedure. Scottsdale Botox injections – as well as any other types of injections – are only performed by a doctor at our clinic, and you will be receiving actual Botox that has been properly stored.
You can help minimize the very small chance of side effects by doing the following:

  • Stop some types of medication

Stop taking aspirin or ibuprofen about two weeks in advance of your treatment. These can thin your blood and increase the chances of bruising at the injection site. Supplements including fish oil pills or vitamin E can also thin your blood, so make sure we know about any medication or supplements you’re taking prior to your treatment. You should also avoid alcohol for a week before your injections.

  • Don’t rub for 12 hours or lie down for 1 hour

Don’t rub the treated areas for 12 hours after your injection or lie down for an hour afterward. This can spread the Botox to areas that haven’t been treated and can make your eyelids droop.
If you would like to find out more about Scottsdale Botox, schedule a free consultation with North Scottsdale Laser and Skin Care Clinic. We’ve had excellent results with Botox, and you can be sure that you’re receiving your treatment in a safe manner.