Juvederm Volbella XC Approved by FDA

Aug 15, 2016 | Blog, Skin Care

JuvedermWe are excited to announce that Juvederm Volbella XC has recently been approved by the FDA. This new treatment will make your lips fuller and will also reduce the effect of any unwanted lines or wrinkles around your mouth. This new treatment is unlike any other and will make you look your best. Don’t let the effects of aging get you down—Juvederm Volbella XC might just be for you! To learn more about this treatment, check out a few facts we’ve listed below. Juvederm Volbella XC is Safe for Your Face and Your Body

Juvederm Volbella XC is Safe for Your Face and Your Body

This non-invasive treatment uses Vycross technology and is made from hyaluronic acid, a smooth gel that will add subtle volume to your lips, making you look instantly younger! Its mild side effects include tenderness, redness, and slight discoloration, but these effects do not last longer than 30 days. Originally introduced in Paris, Juvederm Volbella XC is safe and has been tested in many clinical trials throughout the U.S. Now, over 70 countries use this treatment throughout the world. Although the procedure itself is quick, its effects are long-lasting.

Why You Should Consider Juvederm Volbella XC

Unlike other Juvederm products, this new treatment lasts for at least one year. Many patients also reported that they experienced less pain using Juvederm Volbella XC. They believed that their results looked more natural and subtle, and they recovered faster from this new spin on Juvederm. Some patients even found that after the treatment, their lips had a silky, shiny glean. Because the treatment’s effects last so long, there is a limited amount of maintenance that may be required, making it cheaper and more convenient for your busy schedule!
If you’re tired of the dreadful effects of aging, Juvederm Volbella XC may be for you! With subdued, natural results, this treatment will allow you to regain the full, youthful lips you once had! For more information about Juvederm Volbella XC, or to schedule a free consultation with one of our skin care experts, call (480) 448-0918 or click here.