Lack of Sleep Can Impact Your Health and Skin

Jun 27, 2019 | Skin Care, Skin Care Tips

We’ve all been there: the dog had to go out a half dozen times throughout the night, a project for work kept us up well past midnight, or our partner’s snoring kept us wide awake and staring at the ceiling lack-of-sleepfor hours. Some nights we just don’t get the sleep we need, and that happens from time to time. If you consistently find yourself not getting enough sleep, it can be concerning, as lack of sleep can have a negative impact on your health. One late night here and there is unlikely to cause any real issues, but if you’re constantly burning both ends of the candle and cutting your rest short, you might end up doing damage to your skin and your overall health.

Compromising Your Immune System

Lack of sleep can cause stress to your body, and one of the first things to suffer when you’re stressed is your immune system. Ever notice after a vacation that included a lot of late nights and early mornings, you catch a virus on the flight home? This could be because your body wasn’t getting the rest it needed and your immune system was compromised as a result.

Weight Changes and Irregular Eating Patterns

Sometimes our appetites change when we’re tired and dealing with a lack of sleep. This can have negative effects on our body, as depending on how we respond, we may over or under eat. Our digestive system and metabolism need regular and consistent sleep in order for them to work properly. When we don’t get enough rest, these systems in our body can be shortchanged and won’t work at their full capacity.

Aging Your Skin

Because the balance of our entire body is hinging on proper rest and recovery, a lack of sleep can also do damage to our skin. One thing lack of sleep can impact is how quickly our skin ages. When we constantly deal with a lack of sleep, our bodies don’t always release the correct amount of each hormone, which can inhibit the natural repair process on our skin and lessen our body’s production of collagen. Getting enough sleep is imperative to your skin and your health, and a lack of sleep is not something you should take lightly or ignore.

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