Laser Hair Removal: Myths Debunked

Nov 12, 2015 | Blog

Laser Hair RemovalEvery woman wants smooth, soft legs. However, getting rid of unwanted hair can become extremely time consuming and painful—especially with conventional methods such as shaving and waxing. With the growing demand for more permanent methods to remove and reduce hair, laser hair removal is rapidly becoming one of the most popular treatments. These are some of the most common laser hair removal myths—debunked.

Myth: Laser Hair Removal is Painful

This myth is probably one of the most common. When laser hair removal treatments were first introduced, they were painful, however, with the improvement in technology, you can now undergo a treatment with no more than minimal discomfort.

Myth: Laser Hair Removal is Lengthy

Laser hair removal is a very quick procedure. Since each laser takes milliseconds and is able to treat several hairs at one time, smaller areas can be treated in under a minute and larger areas—like your legs or back—can take about an hour.

Myth: Laser Hair Removal is Permanent

Laser hair removal is not quite permanent, however, after undergoing the recommended series of sessions, the treatment reduces the presence of body hair permanently up to 90%. It’s important to know that laser hair removal doesn’t destroy the hair follicles, which means there is still a chance it can repair itself and resume the production of hair.

Myth: Laser Hair Removal Doesn’t Work on Light-Colored Hair

Ginger and blonde hair don’t contain the pigment that lasers target, which means hair removal can become more difficult. However, the advanced laser hair removal systems of today are now able to better target these challenging colors. Unfortunately white and gray hair still can’t be successfully removed as they have no pigmentation.
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