Luscious Lashes with Latisse

Feb 8, 2016 | Blog

LatisseMany women desire luscious, thick, long lashes that they were not born with—and to their dismay, with age, lashes become ever shorter and thinner. If you are in the same situation, however, you are not forced to live with lashes you are not confident about. At North Scottsdale Laser and Skincare Clinic, we provide Latisse—an FDA approved treatment that is completely safe and effective. This product makes your lashes thicker and longer.

How Latisse Works

Latisse includes the active ingredient bimatoprost—usually found in treatment for glaucoma—which is proven to induce lash growth. The bimatoprost prolongs the growth phase of the lashes, ensuring their thickness and length. Being easy to use and FDA approved, Latisse is quite effective and the results are delivered in minimal time. Luckily, Latisse is completely safe for the majority of users with healthy eyes. If you are sensitive or get irritation because of the active ingredient bimatoprost, Latisse is not recommended. Latisse is useable while wearing contact lenses and even with makeup on!

Getting the Best Results

To get desired results, apply the product along your upper lash line, once a day. Results may appear after four weeks of daily use, but full results will be delivered after sixteen weeks. Your use of Latisse needs to be very consistent in order for the results to show completely. If you stop using Latisse regularly, your eyelashes will revert to their condition prior to your use of Latisse.
Latisse may be your answer to long, luscious lashes, but it is important to contact a doctor in order to receive a safe treatment. Contact North Scottsdale Laser and Skin Care Clinic to book a free consultation with one of our experts today.