How Much do Chemical Peels Cost?

Dec 2, 2013 | Blog

facial_rejuvenationThe quest for younger looking skin is never ending. There are hundreds, if not thousands of beauty products on the market in the form of creams, scrubs, and serums that claim to take years off your face. You don’t want to go as far as having a facelift, but nothing you’ve tried thus far has resulted in the healthy glow that’s promised on the packaging. If you want true facial rejuvenation without going under the knife it’s time to consider a chemical peel.
A chemical peel is a non-invasive procedure where an acid solution is applied to the skin. It removes upper skin layers that are dead and damaged. It can smooth out wrinkles, reduce the appearance of age spots, remove blemishes, and even skin tones. At the North Scottsdale Laser & Skin Care Clinic the procedure is performed by aestheticians who are certified by the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology for Aesthetics. The cost can range from $85 up to $399 depending on the type of chemical peel you request.
Types of Peels
At North Scottsdale Laser & Skin Care Clinic, we have about 5 different peels. They vary depending on the strength and how much you peel from it.  Our mildest is our Lighten and Tighten Peel which gives you the tightening and glow of a peel but you don’t actually peel from it. With medium peels you can peel on average about 3 days. The deep peel is our strongest peel and you can peel on average about 5 days. Remember that everyone is different.
What can be expected during and after a chemical peel?
Typically, one can expect a small degree of slight stinging during the procedure, which lasts 2 to 10 minutes. Afterwards, chemical peels generally cause some flaking, redness and dryness, or skin irritation. These side effects diminish over time. Once the body heals itself naturally, the outer layer of skin will fall away.