Now is the Time for Laser Hair Removal

Nov 26, 2021 | Skin Care


Winter may be just around the corner, but before we know it, the warmer weather will be returning to the Valley. Imagine a life without shaving, waxing and plucking unwanted body hair! Now, is the best time for laser hair removal to be summer ready when that happens.

How Does it Work?

North Scottsdale Laser & Skin Care Clinic uses the most advanced FDA-approved laser technology to remove even the most stubborn unwanted hair from body. The treatment is safe, effective and comfortable. By delivering a beam of highly concentrated light, the pigment in the treated hair follicles is vaporized, thus disabling or significantly impeding the growth of hair. Usually, patients require five laser hair removal treatments to achieve optimal results.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Of course, the greatest benefit of laser hair removal is that you will see a noticeable reduction of hair in the treated areas. But consider these other benefits:

  • You will save money by not buying razors, shave gels and wax
  • You will save time by not having to shave, wax or go to appointments for waxing
  • You will have silky smooth skin without the ingrown hairs, razor burn and stubble

Make your life a little easier and ditch the razor now so you don’t have to worry about it in 2022. Schedule your first laser hair removal treatment now by contacting North Scottsdale Laser & Skin Care Clinic at (480) 448-0918 for a free consultation.