Photofacial Helps Against Rosacea

Mar 17, 2014 | Blog, Skin Care

photofacial skin treatment can help you take your life back if you suffer from rosacea. You know first hand how this chronic skin condition causes more grief than just a red face. Feelings of embarrassment, frustration and anxiety will lead to lower self-confidence and self-esteem, which directly affects your behavior personally and at work. Let’s take a look at how this advanced skin treatment can help you beat rosacea,

Signs and Symptoms of Rosacea

Rosacea typically affects men and women over the age of 30. These are the most common signs and symptoms endured:

  • Facial redness and blushing skin
  • Visible blood vessels (spider veins)
  • Red, acne-like breakouts
  • Sensitive and/or oily skin
  • Burning or stinging sensation of the skin

The Treatment and How It Works

Photofacial, also referred to as a fotofacial, is a general term for a skin treatment that employs intense pulse light technology in a non-abrasive way to revitalize damaged skin. Pulses of light are directed aimed and controlled over the skin during treatment, causing the light to cut through the epidermis and pierce further into the dermis. This is where the pulses of light trigger fibroblasts to generate fresh collagen. Over the course of several sessions, the new collagen will tighten the skin, reduce the redness and flushing, and eliminate red spots and broken capillaries caused by the skin condition.
The treatment is truly a breakthrough in combating the effects of rosacea, as well as aging and sun damage. If you are fed up and frustrated with oral and medical medications, this procedure may become your chosen treatment method for long-lasting results. You will be amazed with the diminished effects of rosacea after your first session, and you might be even happier to know there is little to no pain or downtime after the procedure.
Our team can help you regain the confidence you need to feel comfortable with your skin. Please contact the North Scottsdale Laser and Skin Clinic to schedule your photofacial treatment or book a free consultation today!