Radiate Confidence with a FotoFacial

Jul 11, 2016 | Blog, FotoFacial, Skin Care

Has your complexion been looking lifeless and dull? Do wrinkles, FotoFacialtone and dark spots make you look older than you are? Then it may be time to consider renewing your skin with a FotoFacial! Find out why this noninvasive treatment that helps restore collagen back into sun-damaged or aged skin is so popular.

What You Should Know About FotoFacials

Unlike most traditional facials, the FotoFacial takes a much different approach to treating your complexion. This treatment does not tamper with the epidermis, but rather penetrates the deep layers of skin with an intense pulsed light. This light omits heat to the areas of your complexion that cause imperfections, such as dilated vessels, and creates a defense mechanism in the skin to jumpstart a natural healing process. Once that process is through, the trouble spots that were targeted are either absorbed back into the skin or they simply flake off.
The treatment itself takes anywhere from 15-45 minutes and there are little to no side effects, pain or downtime needed post-procedure.

Benefits of FotoFacials

This treatment is perfect for anyone suffering from fine lines, enlarged pores or even unwanted redness. With the procedure taking less than an hour per session, this is one of the most quick, easy and virtually painless ways to get the youthful glow you have always wanted. While the amount of sessions varies depending on the client and their skin-type, best results are usually achieved after about five FotoFacial sessions. Once all treatments are completed, the results will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated with a complexion you can be proud of.
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