Reduce the Effects of Aging With PRX-T33

Oct 17, 2022 | Uncategorized

At The Skin Clinic, we love nothing more than introducing a treatment that improves upon the advantages of patient-favorite procedures while leaving many disadvantages behind.Chemical-Peel PRX T33 showcases these innovations with a new and exciting approach to the chemical peel.

The Science of Better Skin

Chemical peels smooth your skin by removing its topmost layers so a newer, softer skin surface can regrow. This has the effect of a more even skin tone, a reduced appearance of scars or stretch marks, and tighter, less wrinkled skin. While this treatment produces excellent results, newer treatments such as PRX T33 offer similarly spectacular outcomes with even greater convenience.

PRX T33 works on a deeper layer of skin, and uses the skin’s natural rejuvenation to produce long-lasting effects. This allows for visible results with fewer downsides and a nearly nonexistent recovery time.

How PRX T33 Works

Standard peels work on the epidermis, or top layer of skin. PRX T33 works on the layer beneath, the dermis, to stimulate the fibroblasts. This encourages them to produce collagen and elastin, which leads to a tighter, youthful appearance. Because it works below the epidermis, the infamous “peel” of traditional chemical peels remains minimal.

PRX T33 works with less trichloroacetic acid than a standard peel treatment. It also utilizes hydrogen peroxide and kojic acid to minimize peeling and inflammation, creating a treatment with fewer disadvantages and greater comfort for the patient. It has even eliminated the sun sensitivity common with standard peels, leaving you free to resume your daily routine without worry.

Achieve Tighter, Younger-Looking Skin Everywhere You Want It

PRX T33 is safe to use on nearly any part of your body where you want to tighten skin laxity (such as wrinkles or loose skin), minimize the appearance of stretch marks or acne scars, or encourage a more even skin pigmentation.

Discover PRX T33 and Other Skin Science Innovations at The Skin Clinic

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