How to Revive Dull Skin

Dec 16, 2013 | Blog, Skin Care

dermal_fillersOur skin is a concern from an early age, and as time passes, noticeable aging signs become more bothersome. We look tired because our skin loses elasticity, undesirable lines appear and our skin’s inability to retain moisture results in a texture we didn’t have when our cheeks were rosy and wrinkle-free. Combating dull skin is a battle we must fight as we get older, but luckily, there are preventative measures and treatments, like dermal fillers, to revive the glowing skin we once had.
Causes of Dull Skin:
How we live takes the biggest toll on our skin. Environmental factors, such as poor air quality and pollution, exposure to the sun and tanning beds and our lifestyles contribute to our appearance. Smoking, stress-induced environments, lack of sleep and poor dietary habits also cause skin to look dull and tired.
Preventing Dull Skin:
Though it’s nearly impossible living in Arizona, limit the amount of time in the sun. Your skin needs to be protected by the sun, so your daily moisturizer must contain SPF 15 or higher. Keeping yourself hydrated and drink water for maximum moisture retention in your skin. Reduce the amount of caffeine and sugar and incorporate fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet. Finally, exercise gets your blood and oxygen flowing to your skin and boosts cell regeneration to aid in correcting uneven skin tone, acne scars or liver spots.
Effective Treatments for Dull Skin:
Dermal fillers and chemical peels are popular treatments to fight signs of aging, like dull skin, because they are proven tools to bring back radiance to your skin. Dermal fillers mimic your skin’s production of collagen to fill out lines or depressions in your skin and provide volume lost. Chemical peels remove the outer skin and allowing growth of new skin cells for a more even skin tone and a smoother layer of skin.
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