Right Now is the Best Time to Get CoolSculpting

Apr 10, 2023 | Uncategorized

coolsculpting-scottsdaleNow is the perfect time to eliminate stubborn fat from the trouble spots where it likes to linger! With CoolSculpting Elite, you can slim away stubborn fat with little to no downtime.

CoolSculpting Elite – Scientifically Validated, Visually Stunning

CoolSculpting Elite doesn’t require any extreme changes in diet or extensive downtime. Instead, it utilizes a scientifically validated method to remove intractable fat pockets.

This modern approach to fat removal utilizes a C-shaped cup applicator to freeze and kill fat cells. CoolSculpting can eliminate between 20% to 25% of the fat cells treated!

There is little to no recovery time after each treatment session. Because the loss is gradual, no one will realize you have received treatments to freeze away fat. They will only know you have taken steps to eliminate fat if you choose to tell them.

Beyond the Belly – CoolSculpting Works for More Than Just Abdomens

If pockets of fat in areas beyond your abdomen trouble you, CoolSculpting can help you eliminate those as well. The FDA has approved these treatments for places such as beneath your chin, your back, upper arms, buttocks, bra line, flanks, and thighs. You can target the areas that frustrate you the most and enjoy a real, lasting change in your appearance!

Each session requires only about sixty minutes of your time. It’s an incredible investment that will pay off beautifully when you check out your reflection.

Sculpt Your Perfect Self in April and Receive Free Treatments – Plus a Chance to Win an Apple Watch!

April is the perfect time to chase your dreams of a more toned, sculpted body, brought to you by CoolSculpting! This month, purchase eight CoolSculpting non-surgical fat-freezing treatments for $3200, and you’ll receive four FREE CoolTone treatments to pair with them! Achieve the trimmer, toned appearance you want for Arizona swimsuit season without hassle or surgical intervention, and feel good about the way you look! If that’s not enough to entice you, you’ll also be entered to win a Series 8 Apple Watch!

Contact The Skin Clinic in North Scottsdale today to make a plan for crafting the aesthetic you want to see in the mirror.