The Anti-aging Effects of Beauty Sleep

Sep 17, 2018 | Skin Care

People often joke that they need to get their “beauty sleep,” but it doesn’t actually have to be a joke. Sleep has several surprising beauty capabilities, including various anti-aging powers.

Healthier Appearance— It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that being short on sleep will take a toll on your anti-agingappearance. Puffy eyes and pale skin are just a few of the major beauty impacts of sleep deficiency. Sleep more, and your skin will react better to products and look significantly healthier.

Brighter Eyes— Puffy eyes are one of the first symptoms of a sleep shortage. Try sleeping a little bit morewith an additional pillow. The extra elevation will help you to avoid developing dark circles beneath your eyes and ensure that your eyes (and entire face) will not appear swollen.

Fewer Wrinkles— When you sleep, your skin produces new collagen (the protein that keeps it elastic and youthful). The less time you spend asleep, the less time your skin has to produce collagen, new cells, and repair damages. Studies show that getting just one more hour of sleep per night can actually reduce the number of wrinkles and fine lines that appear. You might also consider a retinol product to stimulate collagen production while you sleep and support your anti-aging efforts.

How to make the most of your beauty sleep— While the simple act of sleeping is the most important to getting your beauty sleep (obviously!), there are a few actions you can take to make the most of your time sleeping. Remove any makeup and carefully cleanse your face before sleeping. Also consider the material of your pillowcase—satin is best for your skin. Lastly, take any measures that you require to ensure that you sleep well and awaken feeling truly rested.

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