Transitioning to a Skin Care Routine for Spring

Mar 27, 2017 | Blog, Skin Care

It’s finally Spring!  When the season changes, it’s important to take a look at your skin care routine and make any changes necessary to ensure that you have gorgeous skin throughout the year.

Tips to Transition Your Skin Care Routine

Moisturizer is key—In the winter, with the dryer weather, it was important to have a heavier moisturizer, but in the spring, the humidity rises, so you may want to swap out your moisturizer for something lighter. Try something that is water-based for the spring, such as the SkinMedica Ultra Sheer Moisturizer.
Sunscreen always makes sense—We love to take advantage of our weather here! Make sure to protect your skin while you spend time outdoors by wearing sunscreen every day. To amp up your skin care routine for the spring, we recommend the SkinMedica Essential Defense Mineral Shield Broad Spectrum with SPF 35 to make sure that your skin is protected from the damaging rays of the sun.
Keep exfoliating—Get rid of dead skin cells from seasons past and make your skin radiant with the help of a little exfoliation. At North Scottsdale Laser & Skin Care Clinic, we recommend the microdermabrasion facial to rejuvenate the skin by brightening and evening out skin tone.
Spring cleaning isn’t just for your living space—Make sure to go through your skin care products throughout the spring. If you have any products that are over six months old, it may be time to swap them out for something new. Also, make sure to throw away any products that you do not use.
Get radiant skin this spring by transitioning your skin care routine for the change in weather! To learn more information about our skin care tips, or to schedule a free consultation with one of our skin care experts at North Scottsdale Laser & Skin Care Clinic, call (480) 513-2888, or visit our website.