Treat Inflammation With Cryo Therapy

Jul 15, 2022 | Cryo Therapy


Cryo Therapy, also known as cold therapy, has been around in many forms for ages – from taking plunges in open icy lakes to applying ice to sore muscles. Advanced cryotherapy involves literally chilling out in a chamber with temperatures far below zero for a few minutes while wearing as little as possible. While this treatment may sound a little crazy, it can significantly reduce pain and inflammation.

Overview of Cryo Therapy

Whole Body Cryo Therapy is a process that involves short exposure to extremely cold temperatures to revitalize your body. You spend 3 to 4 minutes in a human-sized chamber (cryochamber) that uses liquid nitrogen vapor chilled to about -184 degrees Fahrenheit. The cryochamber surrounds your body but has an opening for your head at the top.

Cryo Therapy doesn’t put you in a deep freeze and the vapor doesn’t actually come in contact with your skin. The process is quick and easy with no downtime.

Cryo Therapy for Inflammation

Inflammation is a process by which your body’s white blood cells protect you from invaders, such as viruses and bacteria. This increases blood flow to the infected or injured area. However, this protective process may cause pain. In some diseases, like lupus and arthritis, your body’s immune system triggers inflammation when there’s no infection from outside invaders. A higher number of white blood cells causes swelling, irritation, and loss of cartilage over time.

Acute inflammation can cause pinching, stabbing, throbbing, or pulsating pain. Pain occurs when swollen tissues push against sensitive nerve endings.

The cool thing about Cryo Therapy is that it can speed up healing and decreases inflammation. Exposure to extremely cold temperatures triggers norepinephrine, which inhibits the production of inflammatory mediators and triggers a tonic anti-inflammatory action in the central nervous system. Cold therapy helps keep your white blood cells working at optimal conditions and also strengthens your immune system to fight off other swelling conditions.

To reduce pain associated with inflammation, cold temperatures constrict nerve cells and reduce blood flow to the affected area. Temperatures far below zero also reduce the production of pain mediators and slow down the spread of pain signals to your nerves.

Enjoy the Benefits of Cryo Therapy

In addition to treating inflammation, Cryo Therapy can help reduce migraine symptoms, treat mood disorders, treat atopic dermatitis and other skin conditions, and reduce arthritic pain. The Skin Clinic of North Scottsdale offers Whole Body Cryo Therapy to individuals suffering from acute or chronic inflammation. Schedule a free consultation with one of our medspa specialists to see if Cryo Therapy is the right treatment for you. Call us today at (480) 681-5509.