What is Facial Skin Tightening?

Apr 27, 2015 | Blog

Skin Tightening ProceduresAre you finding that time and gravity are taking their toll on your complexion? As you age, your body slows down production of collagen and the beautiful tautness of youth gives way to decreased volume and increased sagging.
For years skin tightening procedures were limited primarily to surgery that was painful and time-consuming. Today you have a superior option in EndyMed Pro™. Thanks to technological advancements, this amazing process is non-invasive and requires no downtime.

The science behind EndyMed Pro™

Until now, skin tightening procedures often included surgery that involved a hospital stay. Even the gentlest treatments used injections to deliver a restorative substance under the skin. EndyMed Pro™ harnesses the power of 3DEEP to make incisions and injections unnecessary.
3DEEP delivers energy to the deepest layers of your skin with the use of radio frequencies. This process stimulates your body to create new stores of collagen, restoring lost volume and smoothing wrinkles for a tighter, firmer appearance.

Minimal discomfort with no downtime

With EndyMed Pro™ you can say good-bye to using vacation time for surgery and long recovery times. The treatment is so safe and efficient that you can schedule it for your lunchtime without interrupting any of your regular activities. You’re also free from worry about swelling, bruising and other uncomfortable side effects.

Benefits of EndyMed Pro™

After treatment you will find that your skin is soft yet firm with an improved overall texture. Fine lines around your eyes and mouth are reduced and sagging skin on jowls and neck is tighter. The procedure can be customized to address your particular needs, making it suitable for all skin types.
Our experienced skin care professionals will evaluate your complexion and work with you to develop a plan to obtain your desired look. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.