What is Micro-Botox and How Can My Skin Benefit from It?

Jun 4, 2018 | Botox, Micro-Botox, Microneedling

Are you in search of an anti-aging treatment that will keep your skin looking truly natural? Micro-Botox can subtly tighten your skin, reduce oiliness, and remove acne scars without affecting your facial muscles.

What is Micro-Botox? Micro-Botox, also known as intradermal Botox, is a micro-needling treatmentwith Botox infused in to the skin cells via the open channels. Micro-needling is designed to treat wrinkles and acne scars and improve pore size. For some, Micro-Botox is a way to treat skin imperfections and achieve a more youthful appearance. For others, the treatment can serve a solution for acne.

micro-botoxHow Micro-Botox works: Micro-Botox targets the sweat and oil glands in your skin, as well as the erector pili muscles (which open pores), in order to tighten your skin. Through a micro-needling procedure, a diluted Botox solution is infused into your skin cells. The Botox injections compel your sweat glands and sebaceous glands (which secrete oils and contribute to acne) to shrink. The result is smoother and clearer skin.

Advantages of Micro-Botox: The treatment reduces pore size, tightens skin, and fades imperfections! Unlike traditional Botox, Micro-Botox is performed only at the superficial level of your skin which means your facial muscles are unaffected, and you will retain a natural, albeit more youthful, complexion. Micro-Botox treatments can also be used to eliminate fine lines around your eyes, something traditional Botox cannot accomplish.

Micro-Botox treatments: Treatments take around thirty minutes. You will achieve optimal results if treatments are performed once a month for around three months. Effects are noticeable after just one treatment. Micro-Botox is not a permanent solution but will greatly improve your skin for up to several months following treatments, lessening the need for expensive skin care rituals and makeup.

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