What To Expect With Microdermabrasion

Sep 22, 2014 | Blog, Skin Care

microdermabrasionThinking about microdermabrasion? Get all the facts to make an informed decision!
There’s plenty to love about Arizona, particularly the abundant sunshine that lures you to fun outdoor activities. But that same sunshine can wreak havoc on your complexion, and the risk for sun damage only increases after age 35. Ultraviolet rays can cause wrinkles, chlorinated pool water can dry out sensitive skin, and sunspots can emerge anywhere on your body.
Microdermabrasion is a non-chemical, non-invasive cleansing procedure that rids your skin of dead cells to reveal the healthier, younger-looking skin underneath.
It’s an ideal treatment for everything from age spots and acne to fine lines and wrinkles. What’s more, the smoother skin produced by microderm makes your makeup look more flawless by shrinking your pores.

How it works

Also known as microderm, microdermabrasion is a proven exfoliating technique. The original microderm was in the form of crystals that gently and safely peeled off dead skin cells.
Today’s technique uses diamond-tipped technology to cleanse the skin. This system typically works best as a series of procedures, usually lasting no more than an hour each. The time frame between treatments varies; many clients get them 10 to 14 days apart for up to six weeks, but many microderm treatments are done every four weeks. They can be done earlier or later than that, depending on your preferred schedule.

  • During your microdermabrasion, you’ll likely feel no pain or unusual discomfort.
  • Immediately following a procedure, your skin may look and feel “blushed,” but that clears up within an hour or so.

Many patients report feeling and seeing softer, more glowing skin right from the first microderm treatment. However, for best results, it’s best to stay with the entire treatment protocol that your technicians recommend.

Trust the experts

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