Why Latisse is the Best Eyelash Treatment

Nov 29, 2022 | Latisse



No smoldering gaze is complete without a fringe of long, thick eyelashes. Yet eyelash extensions can be a drain on both your free time and your budget. Latisse offers a treatment for eyelash enhancement that combines safety and convenience to give you the lashes you have always dreamed of.

What is Latisse?

These eyedrops are an FDA-approved treatment that can promote thicker, longer eyelashes. When used as discussed with your medspa professional, you will see the first results at four weeks. The maximum results will be evident at 16 weeks and can be maintained if you continue your treatment.

This revolutionary eyelash enhancement skips both the commitment and cost of eyelash extensions to give you voluptuous lashes without glue or extended appointments.

Why Latisse is the Best Eyelash Treatment

Those in search of luxurious lashes have long turned to eyelash extensions. These augment a person’s natural eyelashes by gluing synthetic extensions onto the lash line. While the process is simple, the disadvantages pile up quickly.

  • Eyelashes have a natural shedding cycle of roughly 30 days. This loss of eyelashes means extensions can look uneven if they are not maintained.
  • Extensions utilize glue, which can cause damage to natural eyelashes, especially if you are prone to rubbing your eyes.
  • The application of eyelash extensions can cost several hundred dollars for the initial appointment, then hundreds more for the continuous touch-up sessions required.
  • Eyelash extensions require touching up every few weeks. This means a consistent commitment to both appointments and payments for the upkeep of your new look.

This treatment eliminates the chance of damage to your lashes, the many touch-up appointments, and the cost by using eye drops that prolong the hair growth phase for your eyelashes. This produces thicker, darker, and longer lashes that are truly yours. No need for a string of appointments or potential lash damage.

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