Why We Love Latisse and You Should Too!

May 7, 2014 | Blog

Female eye with long eyelashes close upLatisse is an eyelash enhancement that’s been all the buzz in the past few years, and its popularity is steadily growing. We love this prescription medication, because unlike the results from false lashes, extensions, eyelash curlers and mascara, longer and fuller lashes last longer and aren’t temporary. Application of the product is also less time consuming, and a younger appearance is achieved. We’re sure you’ve heard of Latisse, but here are the reasons why we hold it near and dear to hearts.

No More Eyelash Extensions or Falsies

While falsies are usually reserved for special occasions, some women are to the point of wearing them everyday. These same women eventually resort to eyelash extensions, which are just as impractical as falsies! Driving to the salon to fill-in eyelash extensions every week or two takes up a big chunk of time. When sessions take anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour and a half, that’s too much energy spent towards achieving luscious lashes.

Gain Your Life Back

Eyelash extensions and falsies restrict daily activities, too. Even simple, everyday tasks, such as taking a shower, applying make-up and rubbing itchy eyes can lead to infections. Most of us are too busy to remember these limitations, and no one should be a slave for the sake of eyelashes. Latisse removes the need for inconvenient aftercare, because after a simple application, you’re able to go about your day freely.

Long Lashes Make You Look Younger

Our number one reason for loving Latisse is that it brings youthfulness back to your face. Sadly, one of the signs of aging is the loss of volume in your eyelashes, and when you have thicker, longer and voluminous lashes, attention is drawn away from wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet. It’s a simple remedy for turning back the clock, and cosmetic enhancements that make us look years younger are always a plus!
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