Why You Should Get a Threadlift Instead of a Facelift

Jul 15, 2021 | Skin Care



You do have options when it comes to taking back the youthful appearance of your face. If you have been considering a facelift, you might want to consider a NovaThreads threadlift instead. Here are a few reasons why.

Non-Surgical Procedure vs. Surgery

NovaThreads is a minimally invasive procedure that can be performed in-office. Dissolvable threads are inserted under the skin in different areas of the face to lift your cheeks, minimize jowls and improve the appearance of your necks. There is minimal, if any, downtime involved, and the procedure can be done during your lunchtime.

Facelift surgery on the other hand involves cutting and typically removing skin. This means a greater risk of infection. And of course, this procedure needs to be done at a surgical center, which adds to its cost. You will also need weeks of downtime to heal after a facelift.

More Subtle, Natural Results

A threadlift provides a more subtle, natural result without scarring. The threads lift the tissues under your skin and get to work stimulating your body’s natural collagen production. You get immediate and long lasting results even as the threads naturally dissolve.

Depending on the level of facelift surgery, the end result can be a significant change in your appearance in comparison to the subtle results of a threadlift. There is also typically some scarring after a facelift.

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