Winter Skin Care Tips

Nov 23, 2015 | Blog, Skin Care

Skin Care
Winter is coming!–and so is dry, flaky, irritated skin. Harsh weather can do some serious damage if you don’t take proper care of your skin. Balms and lotions can help minimize the effects of cold weather but sometimes they may not be enough. Follow these Winter skin care tips to ensure beautiful skin during the entire holidays season.


The cold, dry weather ultimately results in the buildup of dead skin cells. Exfoliating can help keep your skin soft and crack-free throughout the season. It works by removing dead cells from your skin’s surface, exposing a smooth and fresh new layer.


Did you know that in the Winter, the sun combined with the glare of snow and ice, can damage your skin? Make sure to add sunscreen to your daily skin routine to protect your skin from sun damage.

Avoid Long Baths or Showers

While tempting, long hot baths or showers might not the best thing for your skin during Winter. Limit your time to under 15 minutes or reduce your use of hot water to avoid removing your skin’s natural protective oils that lock moisture in.


Keeping your skin moisturized is one of the most effective skin care steps during the cold weather. Ensure you choose your products with care as not all ingredients are appropriate for every part of the body–such as the face. Look for “nonclogging” ingredients such as avocado oil, mineral oil, and almond oil.

Drink Water

Staying hydrated is always important—Winter or not. Water is essential to not only your health, but to keep your skin from drying out and to improve skin flakiness or cracking due to dehydration.
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