How Do I Get Rid of Broken Veins in My Face?

Oct 30, 2023 | Laser Treatments, Laser Vein Removal, Lasers

Broken veins and spider veins often appear as your body ages. You don’t have to accept them with good grace, however. Laser vein removal can permanently rid you of the annoying lines that stand between you and your beauty goals.

What are Spider Veins?

Spider veins have nothing to do with everyone’s favorite creepy crawlies. Instead, they’re damaged blood vessels that sit just beneath your skin. They can be purple, blue, or even red, and while they look concerning, they’re generally harmless. These annoyances often have no symptoms, though in some cases, they can cause itching, burning, or other discomfort.

While you don’t have to be concerned about them, you may want to remove them for aesthetic reasons. Fortunately, dealing with these discolored capillaries is easy. A trip to the med spa can exterminate spider veins on your face – or anywhere else!

Laser Vein Removal – An Easy Way to Deal with Spider Veins

This treatment involves no invasive procedures or injections. In fact, it’s fast enough for lunch-break appointments that allow you to return to your daily routine right away!

A laser is directed at the broken vein in question. The heat from this laser forces the vein to shrink so your body can reabsorb it. While small veins may disappear right away, other, larger veins may take several weeks to fade. The most stubborn veins can require two or three treatments spaced four weeks apart.

Deal with Veins Without Downtime

After your treatment, you can resume your regular schedule almost immediately! Any recovery steps are simple to fit into your daily life:

  • You can use moist cloths or cold packs to ease away any discomfort.
  • 24 hours after treatment, you should apply a good moisturizer to your treated area.

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